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About GI Labs

About Us

At GI Labs, we are committed to maintaining the highest scientific standards and to maximizing value for our clients.

We meet your needs by providing accurate, independent, and confidential results with competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.


GI Labs is an ISO 9001 certified clinical research organization providing the highest quality clinical nutrition research services to the food industry.

At GI Labs, we test metabolic responses to foods and ingredients to addresses strategic objectives for the food industry. Our research substantiates product claims to support regulatory requirements, provides strategic direction, and powerfully differentiates your product to defend against competitive pressures.

GI Labs conducts acute and long-term clinical trials in either healthy participants or specific target populations with various metabolic or health conditions, depending on research needs and objectives. Following recognized methodologies or custom-designed protocols, we ensure the study design meets your research objectives.

At GI Labs, we meet your needs by providing accurate, independent, and confidential results with competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.

Our Staff

At GI Labs, highly qualified and experienced staff conduct the highest quality clinical research to address your specific objectives. From study design to execution and analysis, our team of Principal Investigators, Clinical Research Coordinators, and Laboratory Technicians works tirelessly to ensure your research goals are met.

Each of our Principal Investigators holds an MD and/or a PhD in Nutrition and each of our Clinical Research Coordinators has earned an MSc in Nutrition. All staff at GI Labs have extensive experience in clinical nutrition research, making them best suited to serve your research needs.

GI Labs is proud to have Dr. Thomas Wolever and Dr. Alexandra Jenkins as our key Senior Scientists and Principal Investigators. These two academic professionals, who are well-known experts in nutritional science, share more than 70 years of combined experience in academic scientific research. Among them, they have authored or co-authored more than 550 original research papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. One of our Senior Scientists is assigned to each research project. The Senior Scientist will oversee the research process from initial contact to final report as the Principal Investigator.

Training and Experience

All staff at GI Labs undergo a thorough training program to master trial protocols and the principles of Good Clinical Practice as set out by the International Conference on Harmonization. Our staff have designations from the Society of Clinical Research Associates and the Panel of Research Ethics Tri-Council Policy Statement to ensure we are always meeting the highest standards in clinical research and ethical conduct. Our extensive in-house training ensures that all staff are well-suited for the unique clinical nutrition research we conduct at GI Labs.

Our ongoing quality assurance program ensures that each person involved in research shares a common commitment to the highest scientific standards, absolute confidentiality, and a mandate to deliver value to our clients.

Certification and Accreditation

GI Labs is proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Adhering to the strict standards of the International Standards Organization is very important to us at GI Labs. All of our processes and practices, both in our clinics and laboratories, are closely monitored and regulated to ensure we are always maintaining the highest quality scientific research.

All GI Labs protocols undergo approval by the Western International Review Board and adhere to its standards.

In accordance with Good Clinical Practice guidelines, GI Labs always has a Medical Director available throughout the duration of all studies.

GI Labs has a rigorous in-house review and audit system that ensures we are always monitoring our performance and continually improving our services to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Clinics and Laboratory

Our clinic space was specifically created to allow multiple independent studies to occur simultaneously without compromising research quality or client confidentiality. Our clinics were designed remove external stimuli, so that the true effect of the test food can be accurately measured, while intervening factors are minimized.

Our laboratory is headed by Mary Chalmovski, a Medical Laboratory Technologist with over 20 years of laboratory experience. All of our lab technologists undergo extensive in-house training in addition to external certification.

Our laboratory is equipped with analystical instruments of the highest quality. Blood glucose samples are analyzed by YSI 2300 analyzers, the very best in blood glucose determination. All samples are processed in our lab according to the highest industry standards by glucose analysis specialists and medical laboratory technicians.

Study Participant Populations

GI Labs is proud to have a diverse and reliable registry of subject participants. Since many of our clients require their food products to be tested in specific target populations with various characteristics or biomarkers, our extensive pool of study participants allows us to study these various groups of people as desired by our clients in a timely fashion.


Senior Scientists


Dr. T. Wolever MD, PhD

Vice President

Dr. A. Jenkins PhD, RD