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About GI Labs

Our Clients

At GI Labs, we are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients, including large multi-national food manufacturers, industry associations, and smaller companies with a narrow product range.

We are proud to have numerous academic collaborations, with various universities, academic institutions, and hospitals worldwide.


Our Clients

GI Labs is proud to have worked with many leaders in the food industry. Below is a list of some of our clients.

beno Cherries
Chocolate #9 Cott
Kraft Loblaws
MGP Natures Way
National Starch & Chemical The NutraSweet Company
Nutrisystem Roquette
Silver Hills solo
Stonemill Syzmo
Tropicana Wild Blueberries
Z sweet Balance Bar
Ragave Cherry Pharm
Sambazon Beanitos
Taste of Nature Lo-Gly
Nth Degree Swerve
Mondelez Level
Pepsico adv-ingred
nugo pro-yo NCI atkins_logo le_clif_bar_logo potandon_logo

Senior Scientists


Dr. T. Wolever MD, PhD

Vice President

Dr. A. Jenkins PhD, RD