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GI Labs is a globally recognized, innovative, ISO 9001-certified clinical research organization providing the highest quality clinical nutrition research services to the food industry.



Manager of Research Laboratory Operations

At GI Labs, we test metabolic responses to foods and ingredients to address strategic objectives for the food industry. Our research substantiates product claims to support regulatory requirements, provides strategic direction, and powerfully differentiates against competitive pressures.

We are seeking a Research Laboratory Technologist who has strong, critical analytical & problem-solving skills, strategic vision for expanding our laboratory operations, collaborative teamwork ethic, and a lively curiosity for research.  The successful candidate will be responsible for management, oversight, and continuous improvement of our lab operations; strategic planning; management of lab staff; laboratory sample analysis; and other duties, as may be required.

Reports to: Director of Research

Core Personal qualities and Key Skills:


Management, Oversight, and Continuous Improvement of Lab Operations

Strategic Planning

Management of Lab Staff, Professional Development

Laboratory Sample Analysis

Minimum qualifications:

Work Conditions:

Position is ¾ time, with potential for growth to full-time in the future. Salary is commensurate with experience.

Interested qualified applicants please email by April 30, 2018 to, the following:

Acute Testing

Long-Term Trials

Scientific Review

Senior Scientists


Dr. T. Wolever MD, PhD

Vice President

Dr. A. Jenkins PhD, RD