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Regulatory Environment

Use Glycemic Index determination as part of your overall marketing strategy.


The regulatory environment which governs food labeling, including as it relates to carbohydrates and Glycemic Index information, is evolving. Food manufacturers must ensure that they are in compliance with any and all applicable labeling regulations for each country and/or region in which they market and sell products. In most countries, there are permissible ways to promote the GI as part of an overall strategy, and several companies are currently successfully marketing their low-GI products.

Glycemic Index labeling programs, such as the Glycemic Index Symbol Program (for which GI Labs is an accredited testing laboratory) have been an effective tool for food manufacturers to promote their low-GI products. These programs have also significantly increased consumer GI awareness and understanding.

The Glycemic Index Laboratories Service Mark is available to all GI Labs clients and has been used by several GI Labs clients as part of an overall marketing strategy for low-GI products.

Glycemic Index Laboratories is not in a position to give our clients specific legal or regulatory counsel. We strongly recommend you seek guidance from qualified experts who are well-versed in the regulatory and labeling regulations which apply to your particular market(s). However, our Director of Business Development, Katherine Corbett, is familiar with a number of successful GI marketing examples from around the world and would be pleased to share these with you.

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