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At GI Labs, we are proud to provide all our clients with accurate, independent, and confidential results.

We meet your needs by providing competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.


Build on the expertise of our Senior Scientists

Our Senior Scientists are available to assist you in determining the most appropriate type of testing for your research goals or which products are most likely to benefit from clinical research.

The extensive academic research experience of our three Senior Scientists makes them ideal consultants to analyze your particular research objectives and to propose and execute a scientifically valid investigation to address them. Each with their own area of expertise, our Senior Scientists have extensive experience in academic scientific research. They will share their own insights with you, as well as their wide-reaching knowledge of other published scientific research, to help guide your research efforts in the most successful direction.

Once you are prepared to embark on research, our Senior Scientists will use their expertise to develop a research protocol custom-designed to achieve your unique research objectives.

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Senior Scientists


Dr. T. Wolever MD, PhD

Vice President

Dr. A. Jenkins PhD, RD