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At GI Labs, we are proud to provide all our clients with accurate, independent, and confidential results.

We meet your needs by providing competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.



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Consult with a Senior Scientist on an appropriate protocol to meet your research objectives.

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Provide the Senior Scientist with the macronutrient analysis and ingredient list for your test product(s).


Receive a firm quote for your study.


Sign the Terms of Research.

Once we receive a deposit and the required quantity of test product, research will begin. Your Senior Scientist will provide you with an estimate of the time necessary to complete the study. Throughout the study, you will receive progress reports updating you on the status of your study. Once the trial and analysis is complete, you will receive a Final Report written by the Senior Scientist. This report will contain a description of your study; its protocol and methods, results, and conclusions.

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