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At GI Labs, we are proud to provide all our clients with accurate, independent, and confidential results.

We meet your needs by providing competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.


All clinical research conducted at GI Labs is tailored to meet your needs, providing meaningful and useful results.

At GI Labs, we conduct both acute and long-term studies. For routine clinical research, we execute clinical trials using an existing protocol or standard methodology. For more unique clinical trials, one of our Senior Scientists will develop a protocol custom-designed to achieve your research objectives.

All GI Labs protocols undergo approval by the Western International Review Board, which governs both the US and Canada. All GI Labs research adheres to WIRB's standards.

Research performed at GI Labs is of a standard to be eligible for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals, should you wish. To view some examples of articles published based on research performed at GI Labs, please click here.

At GI Labs, we offer a wide range of clinical testing services, including:

Acute Testing

Long-Term Trials

Scientific Review

Senior Scientists


Dr. T. Wolever MD, PhD

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Dr. A. Jenkins PhD, RD