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Dr. Thomas Wolever, MD, PhD, DM (Oxford)



Dr. Wolever obtained his medical degree from Oxford University, England in 1980. During this time he became interested in the potential role of dietary fiber to prevent and treat chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. He took a year off from his medical studies to do an MSc on the effects of dietary fiber on blood glucose responses under the supervision of Dr. David Jenkins. As part of his MSc research, he helped design and conduct the first study showing that the ability of fiber to reduce blood glucose and insulin responses was related to its viscosity, and also the first successful study to use purified fiber supplements to treat diabetes mellitus. In addition, before completing medical school, Dr. Wolever was involved in the development of the Glycemic Index, playing a major role in the data analysis for the first paper on GI published in 1981.

Dr. Wolever obtained his PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto in 1986, researching the validity of the GI concept. He obtained a Doctorate in Medicine from Oxford University in 1993. Dr. Wolever was first appointed to a faculty position in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Toronto in 1986, and was promoted to full professor in 1998. He has been a member of the medical staff at St. Michael’s Hospital in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism since 1987. From the beginning of his research career, Dr. Wolever has had a special interest in diabetes, and has been an active volunteer for the Canadian Diabetes Association for many years. He has served as a member of the National Nutrition Committee from 1984-87 and its Chair from 1996-2000. He also sat on the Grants Committee from 1995-1999; on the Council of the Clinical & Scientific Section from 1996-98; on the Planning Committee for CDA Professional Conference in 1998; and on the committee for the Revision of clinical practice guidelines in 1997-98 and again in 2002-03. He was also a member of the Personal Awards Committee from 2000-2005. Dr. Wolever was an expert consultant and appointed Rapporteur for the FAO/WHO Expert Consultation on Carbohydrates held in Rome in 1997.

Dr. Wolever is author or co-author of over 280 peer-reviewed publications and over 50 chapters and review articles. Dr. Wolever’s peer-reviewed publications have been cited over 6500 times, for an average of over 35 citations per article. Dr. Wolever is also the author of a scientific book entitled: The Glycaemic Index: A Physiological Classification of Dietary Carbohydrate published in 2006 by CABI.

Dr. Wolever’s research concerns the role of dietary carbohydrates in human nutrition and metabolism, with particular interest in insulin resistance and diabetes. Dr. Wolever’s major research interests are how different types and amounts of nutrients, and especially carbohydrates (sugars, starch, dietary fiber) influence systemic metabolism with particular reference to insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia. One of his major goals is to improve the quality of the evidence for the role of nutrition in health, and he believes this can best be accomplished through collaboration with others.

Dr. Wolever’s research expertise includes: the assessment of dietary intakes, especially of dietary fiber, glycemic index and glycemic load; metabolic assessment of human subjects, especially postprandial responses, insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and colonic fermentation; determination of the glycemic index of foods; and clinical trials. He has extensive experience coordinating central laboratory facilities and organizing international laboratory cross-validation programs and multi-center clinical trials.

Dr. Wolever founded Glycaemic Index Testing, Inc. in 1997 to provide confidential research services of high scientific quality to industry in order to educate industry about GI, promote the use of the GI and help develop low GI food products. In order to provide an expanded range of research services and cope with increased demand, Dr. Wolever partnered with Drs. Alexandra Jenkins and Vladimir Vuksan to form GI Labs in 2004.

Dr. Thomas Wolever


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