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Markers of Metabolism Analysis

At GI Labs, we adhere to the highest standards for clinical nutrition research.

We meet your needs by providing accurate, independent, and confidential results with competitive pricing, fast turnaround times, and client ownership of intellectual property.


At GI Labs, we conduct clinical research that examines a variety of markers of metabolism, as required by trial protocol. Our state-of-the-art laboratory allows for analysis of various markers, as well as ample processing and storage facilities for blood samples as needed. We have wide-reaching analysis capabilities, including:

1) Hormone Analysis

2) Markers of Absorption/Malabsorption

3) Other Health Markers

All studies are conducted in our clinics and overseen by our experienced Clincial Research Coordinators. Analysis is performed in-house in our analytical laboratory and overseen by our Senior Laboratory Technologist.

At GI Labs, we have extensive liasions with local, national, and international academic institutions and research hospitals, allowing us to broaden the scope of our clinical research as required by the trial protocol. Please contact us to learn how we can best serve your research needs.



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